ContentA long-term forecast of demand for residential and office space at the communal level, taking account of the individual commune's household and business structure as well as potential availability

Investment decisions, portfolio optimisation and even the evaluation of property – whether single family or multiple family residences or office premises – generally involves taking account of past experience.

The prospective model is an instrument that projects future changes in demand for residential property and office space in a simple and transparent way. On the basis of extensive research, various scenarios were produced showing potential long-term development in the areas of population, the economy, society and politics. Augmented with exclusive data from Fahrländer Partner these scenarios serve as a basis for the prospective model on the demand side. On the supply side, the model integrates current availability of building land and spatial planning scenarios. Both residential and office use models are available.

  • Prospective model, residential
  • Prospective model, office
ContactDominik Matter
Jaron Schlesinger
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