ContentAn internet-based retrospective and prospective survey of the rent and price development of SFA, SFH, MOH and office properties. Swiss indexes are calculated and published in association with HEV Switzerland
DescriptionThe Swiss and German property market survey conducted twice a year by Fahrländer Partner reveals regional differences in rent and price estimates for the six main uses: SFA, SFH, MOA and MOH as well as commercial surfaces and properties. Some 500-700 experts from all regions take part in the survey conducted by FPRE using its own survey tool. This enables FPRE to make regional as well as national estimates. Spatially weighted price expectations are also published for the Swiss market in cooperation with HEV Switzerland.
ContactStefan Fahrländer
Manuel Lehner
RelatedThe most recent results are sent to survey participants by email. The results of previous surveys may be downloaded free of charge.