ContentDCF model for evaluating investment properties
NewInvestment properties can now be valued at all locations in Germany.

The valuation model for investment properties involves a structured process of data compilation, evaluation and documentation. It can be applied to all types of use or used alongside a detailed rental table. Support is provided throughout the process by means of submodels and model suggestions:

  • Condition calculation
  • Standard calculation
  • Micro location calculation  / rating model suggestions Mikro-Lagerating
  • Hedonic Marktmieten (MOA, Office, Retail)
  • Model suggestions for vacant properties
  • Benchmarks for running costs (business, maintenance, repairs)
  • Model suggestions discounting (all types of use)
  • Valuation adjustments (inflation, taxes)

With this you may produce a detailed valuation report including pictures and appendices. Naturally the report can be tailored to your needs (layout, content etc.).

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