ContentValuation models for privately owned apartments and single family homes
NewPrivately owned apartments and single family homes can now be valued at all locations in Germany.

The valuation models for real estate involve a structured process of data compilation, evaluation and documentation. The following valuation models are available:

  • Hedonic methods
  • Real value methods
  • Earning capacity methods

Support is provided throughout the process by means of submodels and model suggestions:

  • Properties for which building rights exist
  • Condition calculation
  • Standard calculation
  • Micro location calculation /  micro location rating model suggestions
  • Renovation requirement calculation (m2/m3 benchmarks, BKP)
  • Construction costs calculation (m2/m3 benchmarks)
  • Model suggestion for land value (hedonic, location class)
  • Model suggestions for net rents and gross capitalisation
  • Comparables (unit and square meter prices)

There exists a wide range of possibilities when it comes to the report, from the short property overview (1 A4 page) to the comprehensive valuation report. Naturally the report can be tailored to your needs (layout, content etc.).

ContactStefan Fahrländer
Manuel Lehner

Publication: «Hedonische Immobilienbewertung: Eine empirische Untersuchung der Schweizer Märkte für Wohneigentum 1985 bis 2005» (in German)

Publication: «Semiparametric Construction of Spatial Generalized Hedonic Models for Private Properties»